Jack Helper 

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New design: One size fits all.

Works with stock diffuser and Difflow™ diffusers.

Please read enclosed instruction sheet.

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Please use caution when using this device.

Keep an eye on the steel tube while raising the car. The tube needs to remain flush with car and jack. The jack needs to move forward or back while raising the car. Just slightly.

Most times my car moves and the jack stays still. I don’t block the wheels if the car is on level ground.

I jack up the rear and place Rhino ramps under the tires. 

I also jack up the rear, remove the rear tires and place wooden blocks under the rotors. see pic.

Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns. 

Borrowed post / text from "pixlpush" on ET, below.
Cautionary note for jack stands :

Don't use the side sill jack points for jack stands. The balance point of the car is right around the side sill jack point. Which is why you can lift the entire side of the car from these side sill jack points. Lifting the car from the rear and then placing jack stands under both side sill jack points will leave it in a precarious state of balance where it's liable to fall backwards. Rhino ramps under the rear wheels should be fine but for jack stands you'll still need to pull the tray to expose the rear jack stand points. Otherwise you may end up with a low altitude qball (tip over ) situation in your own garage.

The use of a portable automotive lifting device is subject to certain hazards that cannot be prevented by mechanical means, but by the exercise of extreme care. You should never go under a raised vehicle unless it is properly supported by jack stands or Rhino ramps. The end user assumes all liability for safe operation of the Jack Helper.

JCR Tool and Die
P.S. Use at your own risk.